Sorry for the delay…..

Sorry I have been unresponsive this week. After vacation catch up I have had 2 days of all day meetings So I am still catching up. I hope December is slower so I can write on the latest things I have seen. Most likely it may be across 4-5 postings.

Fire Fighters: Do you think Fire Fighters should live within 30 miles of the city? This was a debate among police in my home state of Connecticut. Officers we living 1-2 hours away. I cannot imagine if we had to wait for firefighters to return from their homes in South Carolina. Given that DC is a high risk target for terrorism, is it wiuse to have our first responders living so far away? Some have said it’s too expensive to live in the District. I have a tough time believing that given that Fire Fighters make as much as the average bureaucrat. Plus 30 miles from the border of DC gives you a pretty wide range.

Misc: How long must DC endure our former Mayor for Life? Hopefully he will have a decent challenger this year though if you saw the 9 lives of Marion Barry that doesn’t mean he won’t win. Aren’t you relieved to know that same sex dorms are not illegal? Did we really need to waste legal fees on that? DC Taxi fares are going UP but how much? Hopefully not the double they are proposing. The Shaw Giant is a memory.

Upcoming events: National Tree lighting is tonite! There is a Used Bike Auction at Big Bear on Saturday 10am -2pm. Bar Pilar is closed for renovations and the Standard closes for the Winter on Sunday. DC Library is having an amnesty so if you have an overdue book return it quick.


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