Another proud day for DC

I have lived in other cities and know corruption is part of the game but comparatively how bad is DC vs any other US city? Councilman Harry Thomas has had his home raided by the FBI.

Metro is now talking about raising fares in addition to Taxis. Whay does this always happen during a recession? Don’t forget the Logan Circle House tour! The FBI needs a new headquarters. Loudoun and Prince Georges are both competing for it. Should they go suburban? If they did, should it be on a Metro given that it will be a highly secure facility?

Businesses: AYT Auto which is a training school as well as auto repair shop (I didn’t know) is leaving 14th street and will have 2 new locations. The new condos The Ashton is going next door and across the street the old Verizon building will be JBG condos. It will be quite hopping when the Mission closes in Oct of next year and will convert to retail or business. The Hilton Bros pizza place north of the 930 Club seems to be getting permits and there will be a new Piola Pizzaria on the other end of U Street. Smucker Farm on 14th is finally open. Greek Spot now has indoor seating! As PoP reports, the Coons Roofing building at 10th & V is up for lease. But if you look closer, (on the door) you’ll see that the city sited them as abandoned. I am sure that is why Sorg Architects are willing to give up their parking lot.

The District Condos will now become The District a upscale rental building. Does anyone have an opinion on this? Having lots of condos come on the market is now great for property values but is lots of rentals good for it either? Will it bring in more “try before you buy” people or will it become more transient?



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