Run up to Xmas . . . . .

So crime, especially iphone snatches and car break ins are going up in the neighborhood . PoP has two readers commenting on the increase. One, having moved from the burbs, asks if she should leave her car doors open. NO this is a bad idea unless you would like to provide a welcome sleeping spot for the homeless. That is a lot grosser than just removed everything visible on the inside! The second comment is all the phone snatching going on in the hood. I admit I like walking down the sidewalk playing a game on my phone but I am a big guy and I walk with a very nervous dog. Please be vigilant. Is it worth putting up signs on blocks used by non residents say don’t leave anything out? I am thinking V between 9/10 which has enjoyed a new shower of broken glass over the past few weeks. The robbing of a postal worker at 14th & T should also be a warning. Cold weather is not keeping thieves away.

No surprise that DC has the worst traffic in the nation. NoVa has known for 20 years that their population is exploding. Why have they not invested in the required infrastructure?

Here is a scary idea. Bob Erlich’s campaign staffer was convicted of originating a phone campaign to tell mostly African American voters not to vote on election day to help Erlich win. As our nation goes to longer voting periods (you can vote absentee 30 days before an election) which makes it more convenient, we need to make sure people don’t wait too long to vote.

Good news: Check out the new Pearl Dive restaurant on 14th at R street NW. I also plan on devouring escargot at 1905 with that sweet garlic butter it’s heavenly. The Embassy of Congo will have to replant grass that it unethically paved over earlier this year.


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