NIMBY or not?

U Street Dirt has some interesting arguments about who should have a say in neighborhood development. Some I agree with – voters (or Congressmen) from Pennsylvania should not have a vote in how our neighborhood develops. We live here, we are effected, we live the repercussions. That said I don’t think residents should have the right to veto what development goes into a neighborhood. I think it’s a slippery slope to say “No business may go here” because that is an easy defense for racists and bigots. I do not think an individual or group has the right to deny a business because they disagree with its business model. I DO think they have the right to impose restrictions on a business based on resource constraints. I think we can mandate that the business needs to provide parking, have faster trash pickup, prevent rodents, restrict outdoor dining times, etc. That I see as a cost of doing business. If you want to open a supermarket, you need parking, a big loading dock, easy street access, sufficient power and water, etc.  The same thing goes for developers, we should not be able to deny permits but they need to provide additional resources if they expect more people to use our resouces. Dirt and I  disagree so take a look at his thoughts and share an opinion.

Borderstan’s article on the increase in crime is a case in point. More people more crime.

Supposedly the new Black & Orange will be opening before Christmas. Are we ready for a restaurant open until 3 am?

Sad / Happy news: 4NXC has closed at 11/U but a new boutique has opened in half the space called Arivo


One thought on “NIMBY or not?

  1. UStreetBeat – we aactually agree more on what I said. I do find, however, the reflexive assumption that we’re just trying to stop everything simply because we want less is beyond misleading. We’ve supported and continue to support plenty of development all around us. My point is that we need to have a voice in the process, and of late our voices have been ignored or marginalized. The “NIMBY” label is part of that. Nobody’s saying “NO”, we’re saying “consider this” or “how about that.” Major difference, and one we’re entirely in our rights to do.
    Thanks for the shout-out!

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