The Future of Housing and Cars…..

What kind of buildings will we live in in the future? There are several new buildings in the West End and Maryland that are employing this all glass design. It looks a bit like a Frank Ghery building smashed by glass. Good news is energy efficiency will be king!

Urbanturf has lots to offer that I have been saving up: It lists the nine (yes 9!) large residential buildings going up along 14th street. I just pray one will include a supermarket. Want to find out more about your property? The DC public Library has a section called Washingtoniana that has hundred of documents on DC and how the subdivisions were created. How to make an appealing offer on a house if you are competing with other bidders. While there are lots of condos going up, the DC housing inventory is reaching a 4 year low. Could you look for an outside investor for your first property? Tax wise it’s not possible but could be coming.

Self Driving Cars? Grtr Grtr Wash has 2 articles on the subject. The first tells us to prepare for a radical shift in transportation. Within 30 years of the discovery of the car, horses, our transportation device for the previous 7,000 years, was obsolete. This was indeed true and I marvel how the world was transformed in such a short period. One could say the same thing happened in the jet age – prop planes stopped production and air travel saved dozens of flight hours.

The second article is the one I have a bigger problem with. In his idealistic way Will Handsfield, thinks that society will magically transform into an automated cab system. Public transportation will not be necessary because cars will be on demand for transport to work. This ignores the fact that single occupancy vehicles are part of the problems of congestion. Self driven cars can be a great compliment to our existing systems but they will not replace it. In our admittedly selfish society, would we really wait around for an autocab to show up? In an urban area, I might wait. I do without a car now and rent one when I need one. If I lived in the burbs or a rural area, I would not wait for an autocab. We are a mobile society and need our own way of getting around that is unrealistic.

More likely will will have better apps showing us the best way to get from A to B.


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