This looks funny….

I loved Borat and remember seeing him in Results Pride parade float years ago. Sasha Baron Cohen has a new movie called the Dictator which looks very appropriate given the rash of overturned Middle East Dictators lately.

On a more serious note, if we are warning pedestrians to stay alert when walking, can’t we put signs like this on the blocks with the most auto break ins? It seems like the old Vegetate site on 9th street is cursed. The third restaurant in 3 years has closed. The Park Service is still looking at what to do with the Georgetown Waterfront. Given that it took them 25 years to finish the park there. I don’t expect action soon. Also cab fares are due to go up by 30%. I think we have benefited from cheap fares for the past 2 years. Fares probably should go up but some of the other rules can go away like additional passenger / baggage fees, etc.

Personal note: There is no way America will allow a cell phone ban in cars. NTSB is noble to propose it but I think it is unreasonable. But as an older neighbor pointed out last night, they never thought 55mph would become the law of the land. AND as we now know, it’s not – thank you for 65mph zones….. An interesting fact from San Fran: congestion parking rates don’t necessarily improve parking availability. As I think of it, street parking is always so much cheaper than a garage. It is always a better option.

On a positive note, a cool house built behind Union Row is highlighted in PoP. The new Z Burger in the Tivoli theater in Columbia Heights has done a great job restoring the murals on the theater walls. Check them out. Also in ColHt, the building across from Giant is due for a complete gut and re-do. Costco will be in the District but the end of 2012? – Dare I hope?!?!?

Borderstan has some good ideas for charities to support as stocking stuffers or accessory shopping locally. They also have a lessons on proper etiquette for the holiday season.

The Marion Barry movie, which has signed up Eddie Murphy to star, also has Spike Lee as Director. That is impressive I just hope he can bring the many facets of Marion’s personality. It seems Marion is willing to help……


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