Housing / Construction updates

Great News: Trader Joe’s is rumored to be looking into the-formerly-known-as Utopia building. I am not always crazy about their products but I love their cheap wine!

The U Street Neighborhood Association has a great synopsis of the recent construction proposals for U Street.

Sherman Avenue – the streetscape is way behind.  They may be 6 – 8 months behind, as they were supposed to finish phase 1 in November and they are only part way through.  DDOT says PEPCO delayed them.  Residents say traffic on streets around Sherman (11th & Georgia) is awful.

Howard Theatre – T Street and Witlburger.  This HAS to be completed by the Howard Theatre opening, but work hasn’t offically been awarded yet.  It has to be approved by who knows who, before they can start.  DDOT presenter says the contractor can get in done.  Someone brought up that T Street in from of the Howard was supposed to be closed with limited car assess.  As of now, no one knows how that will happen or the effect closing T will have on any other streets nearby.

U Street – Phase 1 (9th to 14th).  Supposed to awarded in December with construction starting in April.  Projected to take 8 months and will be done a block at a time.  DDOT says there will be no effect on traffic and NO NEED to worry about traffic going on side streets to avoid construction.  Robin Schuster of the Wallach and 14th and U Farmers Market asked that Phase 2 on the NW corner of 14th and U be scheduled for when the Farmers Market is closed (December – April).  I was also assured that U Street construction would not be as disruptive as Adams Morgan 18th Street.

The last presentation was on GA Ave.  There is no local money for GA Ave, which has been planned in meetings for years for Petworth to FL AVenue, but the FHA (Feds) will pay to do FL Avenue to Barry Place, which we all thought was ludicrous.  It then got heated, and I left before it was over.

Here is an analysis of the housing marketing in DC for 2011. The November numbers were especially strong. Which is good for the new Yale West development down in Mt Vernon Square breaking ground next week.

Here are two ways you can measure up! How does the DC cost of living compared to salaries. Here you can give input to developers, what businesses you’d like to see in your hood.

Sad news: Dollar coins are going away, not that I ever used them…..


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