Welcome back – Fun New Years Facts

As everyone comes back from their holiday celebration and preps for News Years, I hope you are all happy and healthy. I am ‘working’ this week but will have some time to post I hope.

Fun New Year facts to impress your friends: First, did you know that we did not start celebrating “New Years” until the conversion to the Gregorian Calendar in the 15th Century. The had to leap forward almost 2 weeks due to missing days in the old Roman Julian Calendar instituted by Julius Caesar. At that time, the Pope changed the celebration of the new year from March to January. American Colonists being the prickly protestants that they were, refused to move to the new calendar until the 1700s and RUssia did not switch until the Russian Revolution in 1917.

Time Zones were not instituted in the US until the railroad revolution in the 1870s. Trains hated having to change the time at each new city they arrived in. Each city had it’s own time which was communicated by the dropping of a ball at noon in the center of town. A tradition that continues in Times Square on New Years. Train schedules demanded that a standard timekeeping system be established. States joined a time zone depending on what time their partner companies worked in. So Indianapolis is part of the Eastern Time Zone because they worked with New York so often. Farmers in western Indiana are part of the Central Time Zone because they needed the sun for farming…..


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