New Year, New Happenings…..

Sorry for the lack of posts last week. I got a bit into vacation mode and slacked for most of the week. So what has happened on U Street? More than you would think…..

First: Please go see Girl With the Dragon Tattoo at the Lincoln. The proceeds go towards saving the theater and it’s a GREAT movie. Tickets are only $10 so cheaper than Gallery Place so worth the trip.

Signs of a boom: I mentioned the former church and residence at 13th & S Streets went up for sale listed for $599k but ended in a bidding war. Last week we learned the final price was $950k. The site does not include parking and the building is a gut job – that says a lot for demand.

Greetings: Taylors Deli opened Tuesday on 14th Street in the former Rough & Ready space. Lots of proposed businesses: The dry cleaner building at 14th & Q is applying for a liquor license (not the building but the owners). That is a block from the Well Built store which is leaving to be replaced by a restaurant. Also on 14th, Local 16 may open a Local 14 between to Taylors and Room & Board. Cork market is expanding it’s offerings to To Go Meals. There is a Copy store coming to 9th & U Streets which is a nice sign of local business.

Also the Police instituted new PSAs (Police Service Areas) on Jan 1 to better inform the community.

Development: The CityMarket@O continues with drilling to start the foundations. RenewShaw and CityPaper now tell us what is going in just to the northeast at 7th & P Streets: a Valor Development building. It’s the same group doing the former Italian Embassy on 16th Street so it may be a year or two before they pursue the new project. Also take a look at the new Marriott complex going in next to the Convention Center.


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