Bitch Session……

OK I need some advice. I have wanted to complain about the American Ice Company for a few weeks now. Don’t get me wrong, I think it is a very cool bar, draws a good crowd and improves safety on our block. My complaint is about late night and closing time. Over the past few weeks I have been awoken by loud customers emerging at 130am screaming and yelling in the courtyard. I know this because I actually get up, look out the window, see the screamers and look at the clock. I am OK for a dull murmur from smokers outside until 3 am on Friday and Saturday. But this screaming on weekday nights is too much.

Up to now I have wanted to take the friendly approach. I can always see Andy Duffy outside his bar around the corner and tell him if I have any concerns and learn neighborhood gossip. I had met the founding manager of AIC in my many dog walks in front of the bar and wanted to bring it up when next I saw him. Finally I called the bar and spoke to an abrupt manager who said she would handle my complaint. I have no idea if it was received or passed along or whatever.

Now I don’t want to escalate this. I advocated for AIC. I support the benefits it has brought to the block. I just want to make sure that the manager keeps the noise down after midnight and moves people along after closing. How does one do that in a corporate bar environment? Who can I hold accountable?


5 thoughts on “Bitch Session……

  1. Hey Tucker – Does AIC have a VA? If you’re not sure I can look into it. Regardless, per ABRA rules, you should not be able to hear noise in any residential unit. If the owner is unresponsive, let ABRA know.

  2. Tucker, Did you just notice this? This has been the status quo since they opened: screaming on the outdoor patio until 3 am on weekends and 2 am on weekdays, noisy patrons leaving the bar, and public urination in the alley behind the bar. Did they establish an agreement with the City prior to the opening? Bars on P Street, for example, close their outdoor areas at midnight. American Ice got away with murder because there are few organized neighbors in the vicinity, little information about the bar readily available to residents prior to opening, and little notice to comment publicly (not knowing hat the outdoor area was so large and noisy). I’m sure the notice provisions were followed – but I don’t check notices posted to vacant properties every day. Bars should be off residential streets or co-exist properly. Why be so gentle? There are noise ordinances and residents have rights too. Hold the City Council, the Liquor license people, and the owner accountable.

  3. I wouldn’t really call them the corporate bar environment. While they are part of an ownership group that does have multiple locations, almost all of them are here in the neighborhood and their main office is above the Gibson on 14th Street. You can even go see one of the owners over at the 9:30 Club, he’ll be on stage for the next two nights.

  4. I’d talk to the owner of the bar. He’s in there often and perhaps an agreement can be worked out. If not, you’ll have to take official action. I live around the corner from AIC on Vermont and the noise never bothers me. I also use a white noise machine in my bedroom to drown out the revelry. Not ideal but it works for me.

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