Uber Debate..

OK once again short week + family visit + real job = few posts. I barely have time to real all the blogs let alone post but I have been saving them and will try to list more tomorrow.

First an update on the Bitch Session. Yesterday I was able to speak with Joe of American Ice. I told him about the noise. He was more concerned with what day it was than the fact they were rowdy but it’s a start. I plan on documenting through letters and voicemails more complaints in the future. Many thanks for the white noise machine suggestion in the comments. Even if the bar is not going full blast, the ambulances, cop cars and garbage trucks can be quite noisy.

I have plenty more to add on local businesses but just wanted to make a comment on a scandal going on in the Taxi community. It seems a new smartphone app called Uber has started offering smartphone users the opportunity to contract with off duty livery drivers for rides home. The Taxi & Limousine Commission has a fit and actually staged a sting last weekend. It seems Taxi Drivers are objecting to the service as violating the transport regulatory regime of DC. Now there have been many articles so I cannot link to all of them. David Albert makes an interesting point in that Taxis complaining about Uber is like Safeway complaining about Whole Foods. How can we let a group complain when the new service is more expensive and nicer. Doesn’t the law of supply and demand work in favor of a cheaper more convenient service? For so many years taxis held residents of the city hostage to the zone system. Fares were always high and service / equipment poor. Now we have a more reasonable fare structure but we are hit with the fees and ride charges. I believe cab drivers are hard working and deserve a livable wage that is why I am in favor of increasing the meter fare. I’d rather see it all on the meter rather than wait until I get to my destination. The TLC needs to keep focus on the public that pays for them and not fall victim to the industry lobbyists.

More tomorrow but 2 things: ANComissioner Myla Moss is holding an comment session on the proposed marijuana dispenary in the 1500 block of 7th Street: Friday, January 27, 2011 at the Kennedy Recreation Center 7 – 9pm.

Artomatic is coming back! They’ll open in Crystal City in May in a 300k sf building bigger than last time.


One thought on “Uber Debate..

  1. Kojo did a few segments on the Über controversy yesterday. The CEO insists that the commission has not been able site the law that they are supposedly breaking, even reading the actual laws over the phone.

    Also, Ive heard that people in the Rhapsody really really like the service.

    Über has the benefit of GPS too – tired of cabs going crazy out-of-the-way routes. L-shaped routes instead of state streets.

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