Green Rules!!!!!

You need to check out this video. It has DCers down to a T. I hate to say it but I have uttered probably every phrase…..

Good news: I’m proud to note that DC leads the country with the most Green buildings. On that theme, many have said “Green is the new Red” when referring tot he Metro. Now it seems that is true. The green line, which opened in 1991, has a higher percentage of young professionals than most neighborhoods in the city.  Go Green!

Food News: Borderstan rates the new Taylors. I hope to check it out this weekend. Update on the new Shaw Tavern owners. A new Pizza place on 14th. Black and Orange is set to open on Jan 31!

For fitness Gurus there seems to be a lot on offer. There is a new cycling studio going in at 9th / U and a Praxis gym at 14th / Florida. I recently met Jamie Andrews who has opened her own boot camp Studio at 1440 N Street. She has been in the community for a while helping Vida open its new U Street location before going it alone. If you want to get in shape fast, go see her. She’ll kick your butt.

This seems to be the week for bitching. The latest is a group of us in our condo building want to complain about our building manager. We have been debating the best methods so there has been a lot of back and forth. I think we will end up with a letter to the board and a survey to residents.

Along those lines, it seems as though the City and the Verizon Center are trying to make money by covering the Verizon Center with LED lights. Vida is leading an effort to stop the new rules. Full disclosure: I work out at Vida Verizon and do like the windows. I don’t think a wall of lights would be good for the area.



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