Little things to be thankful for….

Sorry but at the shitty real estate computer so I need to insert the URLs again but I thought I’d catch up. Three bits of good real estate news. 1. the market is up again in DC for the third month in a row: 2. Housing starts may be down, but renovations are up: (Side note: Warren Buffet said in TIME that he thinks the recovery will be lasting when new housing starts rise to 1 million per year from the current position of 635K) Finally 3. good transportation news, renters are willing to pay more to live near a metro line. This is good for those of us who live close to a metro but also that hopefully the number of cars fight for parking will decrease – a sensitive subject when you look at the many restaurants going in on 14th Street.

 I know Christmas was last month but I’m thankful for action around the hood:

How does everyone feel about the new All Souls (mostly) bar going in at 8th & T Streets. I know neighbors are happy to be rid of the drug dealers who used to live on the corner but a bar with 40 indoor seats and a large, exposed corner outside could cause a loud outdoor drinking crowd: What do you think?

I’m thrilled that the Howard theater has it’s new sign as of today. I’m hoping I can see it from home:

I’m doubly excited that Solly’s has reached an agreement to expand into Madjet and add a kitchen.

I’m with PoP in wishing that Bar Pilar woudl hurry up and reopen:

I’m glad the KGB graffiti group has been caught but upset that there seems to be a new group terrorizing the neighborhood (Cove? – pictures tomorrow) Is anyone slightly disturbed that the oldest member of the KGB gang was 46yo?

I’m moderately glad to get a new pizza place on Florida and 4th Street for the traffic it will bring down by the Howard but wish it was another type of food. We seem to have too many pizza places at the moment:

I’m happy to see that the condos at Rhode Island and R Streets are coming right along. They will be a good addition to the neighborhood.

Looking for a deal on new furniture? Well Built at 14th & R is having a closing sale:

What do you think of the relaxation of regulations for food trucks? I was in favor of these rolling institutions but think things may have gotten out of control. Metro Center has 5 trucks every day selling all types of food. Now the mayor is making it (a bit) easier for them. While I am not sure about the number of trucks, I think the free market and fashion fickle hipsters will do away with the excess

Here is a nice little interview with the man behind the 11th Street dog park:

I have to say that I am not happy with Congress’s ploy to seize the DC World War One memorial. This extraordinarily bloody conflict deserves its own monument and DC deserves to keep its. I hate to say it, but I’d be in favor of moving the DC memorial since the Park Service has let it become overgrown in the forest for the past 80 years. I think it’s a beautiful structure which would look nice in a more DC controlled area. Maybe the waterfront? 

Sad news – kinda – Sam’s Pawnbrokers on 14th by Church Street is closing. I’m sad to see a neighborhood business go but home we can find a better neighborhood business to go in there:

Thanks all for me. Time to go home. I hope you enjoy and provide comments!


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