I’m so sorry….

I am so sorry I have been away. I was sick last week in the midst of leading a condo revolution, hosting a fundraiser, planning a Councilmember candidate debate (March 8th!), writing a presentation for work and packing for a weekend in Phoenix. UGH I am tired just typing that. Anyway, AZ was an amazing break and despite having to go through 681 items in my reader. I am hoping to put everything I have been saving up down here. Please forgive the blog run on:

First, the best news is that Darnell’s has expanded to be a coffee shop during the day and the bar at night. Check it out! El Sol has found a new owner who will be opening a tavern. All Saints will be coming to 8th & T Street which is an unknown quantity. Brixton is speeding up its build out at 9th & U Street. Sad news, Tropicana has closed at 8th & U Street

Reopenings: The Standard comes back on March 1 and Bar Pilar has reopened for drinks while they finish the second floor. AYT Auto will become a new BodySmith Gym. The old Jazz Club HR-57 will be a new wine bar and if you want to run your own restaurant, the firehouse on North Capitol is looking for a tenant. Is Red Lounge coming back to 14th & U? Twelve Twelve U is going to be hosting poetry nights

The Post Office on T Street will be open until April when it moves to the Reeves Center. Speaking of Post Offices, the Old PO on T Street will find new life as a bakery – a good idea since the ANCommissioner will not allow for a restaurant. The new Level One building at 14th & Wallach has been approved with reduced parking (40 odd spots) with a permanent restriction that residents will not be allowed to get city parking permits. OUCH! Right up from there Black and Orange has opened serving burgers until 5 am so stop in when you get a chance. Across the street south of Room & Board will be a new pizza place – look out Manny & Olga’s. The proposed restaurant at 14th & Q is coming along but it will take a while to build out.

In Shaw is looking forward to the Giant in the City Market at O Street where the shopping promises to be much improved. My friend Jimbo has some cool rooftop shots of the new Howard theater. While I am talking about 7th, I saw the new Asbury Gardens getting ready to tear down the existing buildings and start building. Convenient,  because it will be across the street from the new medical marijuana dispensary at 1539 7th Street. Progression Place is also progressing (sorry for the pun)

ANC 1B is looking at the JBG plans for south of Florida between 7 & 9th. Also on development. Here were 2 other parts of the proposal Trader Joes and the concept .

Other development news, The Old Post Office will be a Trump hotel. I love the idea of the building as a hotel but Trump? Really? Above U Street, the church on 13th Street has gone on the market

No surprise that the former Be Bar now Mood was found found to be in violation of their voluntary agreement. I love this space but wish it weren’t so far off the beaten path.

Misc: iPhone has a new app for reporting crime


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