Still catching up but last week’s U Street meeting….

OK I have been a bit overwhelmed as of late but hoping to catch up. Prepping for my movie into Real Estate full time so trying to get everything ready. So for the latest:

As some of you may know, I am Vice President of the U Street Neighborhood Association so I encourage anyone in the neighborhood to attend the meetings AND contact me if you would like to help with the movie series this summer. Next month we are having a meet & greet with all the candidates for the At Large Council Seat next fall. Please join us at Source Theater Thursday, March 8th at 7pm. We have 5 of the 7 candidates scheduled to attend.

Last week we had JBG presenting their plans for the new buildings on the south side of Florida between 9th & 7th Streets. They are planning for 2 six story buildings with 240 rental units mostly 1 bedrooms and 115 parking spaces with retail on the first floor and balconies facing south. The design has not been finalized but they have a very modern design although  DC zoning has advised them to add more brick to make it consistent with the neighborhood. They are also moving the brick liquor store and restaurant on 9th down the street to allow them more space to build.

Also at the building was a presentation by the Howard Theater. They are planning a huge building. They are putting in a 3000sf kitchen and will have a dinner seating format for 650 people. When the tables on the floor are removed (the sides and balconies will be booth seating) they can fit 1100 people. I am worried that this is a bit big for our neighborhood but excited for the space. They seem to have devoted thought to parking, providing valet and renting nearby lots. The new Ellington square out front will be a nice addition as well as the $8 million new T Street streetscape provided by the city. I personally believe this may be too big for our needs, but if it genuinely becomes a sophisticated dinner theater like The Broadmore we will have a great neighborhood draw.

Finally Sheldon Scott presented on the Hilton Brother projects in the area. He said Brixton (9th & U) is the priority and will be ready by early Spring hopefully. It will have a pub type menu and outdoor space in the alley and on the roofdeck with music. Dickson, the wine bar on U behind it will expand into the basement of the 2 buildings to the west and open a coffee shop type bar. No doubt it will let them expand their kitchen, a tiny space.

The Satellite Room, on the north side of the 930 Club, will no longer be a pizza place because they cannot find room for a wood burning stove. Instead it will be a LA style burger joint. 715 Florida, east of 8th Street behind the now closed Tropicana, is still underway but taken back seat to the other projects. They are also expanding into the HR-57 space on 14th Street by P as a new restaurant with music (I think).

Finally El Rey will go into the empty lot next to Dodge City on U between 9th & Vermont. This will be a series of shipping containers with a order window facing the street. the interior will have more containers with bathrooms and a tarp covering the space. They have asked for a live music permit for mariachi bands during afternoons but expect most noise to be human voices. I hope they are right.


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