OK always save your work…..and Louis

I had a 3 page blog entry last night which of course didn’t upload and didn’t save. Lost it all so I am going to try and re-creative it.

The Louis (pronounced Louie as in Armstrong) has finally been announced. The building will have 268 units for rent, not condo, and 150 parking spaces, 40 of which will be reserved for retail outlets in the building (Perfect for a grocery store!). The residential part will have many conveniences so not low end: rooftop pool, 24 hour concierge, roof BBQ, gym, etc. BorderstanDC MudUrbanTurf:

The design is a little more neighborhood friendly than the last design we saw. The building will have more brick and wings to it and the roof looks great with lots of amenities like the Ellington.

The worst news is that the restaurants on U will have to close for a year while building starts. They are expected to break ground next week and will start renting in mid 2013.

As for the rest of the many things I commented on, I think they may be lost but I will try and add them into other posts.




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