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I was red hot last week for the first time since before Christmas so I hope I am not annoying. Speaking of hot, and I am hoping I don’t jinx it, we have not really had a winter. It’s been so moderate. Maybe that’s why we are 24th in the US for snow. We are at only 17% of what we normally get.

So I am always complaining that we don’t have a grocery store. I still want one, but here is an idea: Peapod is copying a Korean idea, where they set up a virtual shop inside a subway  stop. Customer scan what they want in an app and then send to Peapod. Peapod then delivers later in the day, It’d good for those who need to be motivated to shop….

Business: Lovely Yogurt is coming to U Street between 10th & 11th as previously announced but let’s hope it comes before HOT! Aroma Cafe, U Btw 13/14, has closed. 😦

More details on the Howard Theater opening in April including pictures from back in the day.

OK I am all for unique names BUT do you really have to be so blatant as to promote to Hipsters? Avalon is trying for the Urban and Hipsters as their target market but given how sterile someof their buildings are, isn’t that the antithesis of Hipster?

Did you know that DC ranks #1 in martial infidelity on Ashley Madison? There are 38k registered users on the site in and around DC. But did you know that most users log on when travelling? DC being the convention and business town that it is, I am sure not all the 38k live here.


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