Hood Happenings…..

Real Estate? Whats new? While rates remain near record lows, Urbanturf predicts that rates could go as low as 3.4%, right now they are 3.95% so if you haven’t yet, you better refinance. If you are selling, sales volume has been better than expected in DC which is proves the positive market.

An interesting new study shows that 24% of DCers are paying more than half of their income for housing – 2% rise from 2008. The old formula used to be a quarter to a third of income should go towards housing but the recent recession and economic hardships has caused that to go up..

Looking for an up and coming neighborhood?  The new “Fight Club” building at 9th / N will be pretty hot when it delievers. With the new CityMarket at O and the eastern Mt Vernon building boom that area will do well. Borderstan

AND…. Matchbox construction continues quickly, so we ‘ll see if they can make an August opening. The Howard Theatre nears its opening in April. DCist has a list of upcoming dates. PoP  In Shaw DCist Just look at the view of Progression Place as it goes up on 7th.

Funny article on neighborhood bloggers. It’s hysterical and I am sure if you subscribe to a condo or neighborhood list serv you will identify the players. Interesting to note that while the population of Washington increases, the number of cars has not which says something for car sharing and public transport. On the topic of transport, Metro is switching it’s buses to alternative energy. I was surprised to see that Alt fuels do not get better gas mileage, but they do have fewer emissions.

BTW thanks to my neighbor checking to make sure I’m alive after hearing about the big accident on U Street. Several sources reported on the Capitol Bikeshare  rider who was hit this morning at U and 11th. I hope he / she is OK. Borderstan PoP

On Crime, a woman was stabbed outside Bistro Tabaq on Saturday which has resulted in its closure by ABRA. I hope this is only temporary,

A new blog I’m following, We Love DC has a rundown on the best bar food in the area. U Street did quite well!



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