Is Spring here?

Cherry Blossoms are expected to peak March 24th! It gets earlier and earlier but global warming is a myth…..

Real Estate: UrbanTurf does a hypothetical comparison of condo owners in DC vs Virginia. DC comes out only $10 cheaper than VA and more if you include DC restaurant taxes and a bus fare. But I would add, what is your time worth? Living in DC can cut your commuting time. Say you save 15 minutes each way commuting from DC. That is 30 minutes a 30 and 2.5 hours per week. That is more workouts, dinners, and time with your loved ones. My first commute was walking for 10 minutes. I’ve been trying to get back to that ever since. Given everything that DC has to offer, Isn’t it more fun to live in DC?

Election! I know the big election is not until November but there is another election more important for DC happening Saturday and April 3rd. Monday is the last day you can register to vote for the Primary on April 3rd. If you’re not a Democrat, it won’t matter much but if you area, it’s your chance to choose who will probably win in November. If you really want to be a Super Voter, you can vote in Saturday’s election for delegates to the Democratic National Convention. If you do, please vote for my friend Brianne Nadeau. She is a tireless advocate for U Street and wants to shake things up in the DC machine.

U Street News: The Howard: The Howard Theatre opens next month and they have a pretty exciting line up for the first 2 months: The Roots, Chuck Berry, Chaka Khan. But are the tickets too expensive for residents? And as I’ve said, won’t it hurt the Lincoln Theater. Little League: The Banneker City Little League is recruiting 4 to 12yos for the baseball league. The Standar reopens today for BBQ and beer fans. Sad news: Pulp experienced a fire yesterday. It recovered but it will be closed while they clean up.

An update on the Capital Bikeshare user who was run over on Wednesday. Evidently he was ticketed for running the red light.  Sounds like he is in rough shape in the Washington Hospital Center. Speaking of which the city is putting in community gardens in the fields by the Hospital.

Food: While local residents Fojol Brothers was recognized nationally, food trucks may now have to charge a special DC tax on their offerings. And some food trucks are giving up the truck and going Brick & Mortar. I love DC also notes their favorite bar food establishments many of which are on U Street


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