In the words of Etta James – At Last……

Special Sunday Edition! Yes working at the Long & Foster office today and things are slow so I have lots of time to catch up on my blogging!

Real Estate Development: DC will finally be getting it’s long promised Costco north of New York Avenue on the MD border. The design looks good and as the article states, NY Ave could use some spruciing up as the entryway into the nations capitol.

Here is an interesting article in Atlantic Cities about the Portland regional authority. It has elected members who oversee services (Water, Sewer, Transport) for 3 counties and 25 towns. Unlike other models, the members of the committee are elected and have constituents but think of projects as the benefit the region as a whole instead of individual towns / counties. If we had this system how much easier woudl it be to get the Metro Station at Dulles built? This is preferable to the random government appointed commissions that weigh in on our regional issues:

Here is a good synopsis of the reasoning behind the zoning code adopted in 1958 for the district. I especially like the projection that the District will have a population of 932k by 1980. In fact, due to urban flight and blight, the District population decreased from the 850k in 1950 to under 600k in the 1990s. The 2010 census actually showed the first growth in the DC population since 1950.

Like the Capital Bikeshare system? Now there is one for cars. The much promised Car2Go system will become operational in the next month. Cars will be available to dead head trips around town. You will be able to pick up a car, drive to your destination, and drop it off. No need to return to the original location! If you register now with the promo code “capital” they will wave the $35 application fee and give you 30 minutes free. No more trying to find a cab! check it out:

Love Ikea? Now you can live in the all Ikea house for a mere $86,500 buying the land is your responsibility.

Need a little culture? U Street is hosting the “Split this Rock” Poetry festival at various locations. The all festival passes are sold out but you can buy daily passes. Check the schedule to see what you’d be interested in:

The residents between 10th & 13th have started their own neighborhood watch program. Hopefully it will improve security for all of us: Which is good incase 911 goes down again:

While U Scream I ce Cream wants to transform into a liquor store, we will have a wealth of options in frozen yogurt. In addition to the new location between 10th & 11th, there will be another storefront opening up above the dry cleaner at the corner of 13th & U. It seems counterintuitive.


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