Business Update

Business. TONITE: Pop up Pho restaurant on 9th. Good news, Tabaq Bistro has it’s liquor license back after last Saturday’s nasty incident. The Standard, upon reopening, now has more seating. Arts incubator coming to the old HR-57.

The YMCA building at 14/W has announced 2 new restaurants by a former Top Chef.One will be a Greek tasting sister restaurant to Graffito. New Gastropub coming to 9th Street  All Souls (8th & T) is having a neighborhood meeting on it’s liquor license. Resistance is coming to the Marijuana Dispensary for 7th Street.

Here is a future thinker. When we have driverless cars, what will it mean for pedestrians? Will sidestreets be walled off so that you can’t jay walk – a common DC pasttime. What does that mean for 14th/U? Already one of the most dangerous intersections in the city.

Check out the new layout of T Street in front  of the Howard theatre. Let’s hope the theatre takes off and this becomes a vibrant new square.

Hunting for a new mate? Check out Forbes List of local Billionaires. But DC still has some of the highest income disparity. Do you feel superior to the DC City Council? How about serving on the DC Ethics Committeeand spend plenty of time investigating them. Apply today! Need a summer wardrobe? How about $70,000 worth of DC Fire Dept Polo Shirts. NPS may start allowing Food Trucks to the National Mall.

To refer to my last post, Logan Circle (Ward 2) has approved a plan for one side of the street being restricted to just residents. Hopefully Ward 1 will follow shortly. DC Street signs have a new font.


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