More restaurants but what about parking?

OK I have TWO big things I think U Street desperately needs: a Supermarket and Parking. I have been pining for a grocery store for a while: Yes! Market and the Farmers Market do not cut it. I don’t even care what brand they are: Giant, Safeway, Wegmans, Harris Teeter, whatever. I just think we need one.

Now my new crusad will be for parking. As I might have written, I went to dinner with my parents at Estadio a few weeks ago, besides the fact that we were quoted a 1.5 hour wait, (it was only 30-40 minutes), there was NO parking. I was hoping for a valet which I would have paid for, the nearest garage was 2 blocks away and $15 for a 2 hour meal. Now I like that distance and don’t mind the cost BUT what are we going to do when Matchbox opens? And all the other restaurants on 14th between T and W streets. It should be a real concern for all those restaurant owners.


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