Hot tips on V Street

For those of you who missied the U Street Neighborhood Assoc meeting last Thursday, you missed a great chance to learn about plans for the nieghborhood.

 We had a great presentation on JBG projects in the nieghborhood. I believe you can find some of the pictures of the proposed building sites in the notes on the USNA website. 

Real Estate Alert #1: JBG also provided an update on the 3 parcels that they own north of Florida at 8th Street. Supposedly the parcels have been divided into 3 parts: Parcel A is the southwest corner of 8th & V Streets across from Town, Parcel B is the northwest corner of that block behind the 930 club, Parcel C is on Florida east side, north of the Floridian. They are looking to develop parcels A & B as a condo or rental building. Parcel C they have not created a plan for and will wait a few years but they confirmed the site is big enough for a supermarket (yet another tease). They also mentioned that they will be reviving plans for a hotel where the RiteAid is right now. The old design can be seen on the USNA website but they assured us the new design will be shorter that the 123 feet high they had originally planned hopefully around the 60 feet range.

Real Estate Alert #2: It seems as though V Street may become more of a restaurant destination. The owners of the Chupacabra ( food truck have been talking to Sorg Architects, the owner of the Coons Roofing building (approx 929 V Street). They are proposing a new restaurant with 125 seats and an atrium courtyard in back. There are some issues with their proposals and they are still in very initial stages but they are looking to sink some serious money. Good news for those nearby is that Sorg is delaying development of that corner lot for 10 years and have talked to the restauranteurs about putting in a community garden. Still very premature but we can hope.

Real Estate Alert #3: Even more premature but the infamous Hilton brothers are looking to add yet one more restaurant to the ‘hood. Supposedly they are in talks with the owner of 2100 Vermont Ave to add another restaurant. No details yet but for the past 2 weekends, the owner has painted and removed some of the plywood on the windows. Hilton employees are typically mum about the project. 

Also last Thursday, all the candidates running for the Council At Large seat on April 3rd spoke to the crowd. Vincent Orange even showed up without RSVP’ing I assume because many of the other candidates were gunning for him.

Because I live off V I was much more concerned about that area but U STreet Dirt has a very thorough if a bit biased explanation of the presentation here:


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