Neighborhood Updates

Interesting note: It may be cheaper to live in town. The Washington Examiner studied commuter costs for College Park vs Dupont Circle and it seems that transportation costs are almost half what theya r ein College Park:

Once again the Taxi Commission seems to be coddling the cab drivers and screwing the public. They offered to raise the mileage charge if the additional fees were dropped. Now it seems the additonal mileage charge will come with the same additional fees. Will no one stand up to the taxi lobby?

Would you vote on Saturday? It seems our voting date of the first Tuesday in November is a throwback to farmers who needed 3 days to get to polling places. Now 2 Congressmen are advocating weekend voting nationally. It seems like a logical idea but there are always religious considerations.

Under Go Figure: Turns out single women are most happy in DC. Say welcome to the Bistro Bohem at the 600 Florida Block:

As many sites have reported, Ward 2 (south of S Street) has approved a plan to make one side of streets resident only parking. This means more ticket income for DC but I am not sure if it means more parking for residents. I hope it does:


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