NCAA Bracketology

Have you finished your brackets? It seems as though every bar, group, office, in the US is having a pool to guess the winner. May the Madness be with you.

I hope you will all join me in praying for the quick recovery of Jack the Georgetown mascot. He injured his ACL this past weekend and will undergo an operation this Sunday. Hopefully the Hoyas will give him 2 victories to speed his recovery. Unfortunately it looks like he will be out for the rest of the tournament – a valuable player lost.

Left for LeDroit has a good argument on why the Howard will be more successful than the Lincoln – a concern I raised a few weeks ago. Their points do put me at ease. This is a different operation. While I think food may be a tough sell, it certainly adds revenue. The fact that teh floor does not have permanent seating, as I always mentioned, may be its saving grace.

I know we bitch about no being allowed to vote, retrocession back to Maryland, DC statehood, etc. I actually like this idea of dividing DC into 50 parts of 12k each and give each part to a state. How great would it be if congressmen could earn 12k votes by delivering some pork to a DC neighborhood. That could mean some real influence in states with small populations – looking at you Wyoming and the Dakotas.

Biz News: Little Ethiopia welcomes a new restaurant at 1923 9th Street: Rahama Restaurant. PoP is wondering what will be going into 12th & S

Speaking of voting, thank you for those who voted for Brianne Nadeau for delegate to the Democratic Convention in Sept. Please read her appeal for Sekou Biddle. I have to admit I had mixed feelings about Biddle but I agree that Vincent Orange needs to go. I am partial to Peter Shapiro. Judge for yourself. There is lots of coverage on Tuesdays debate: Borderstan, Greater Greater Washington,

Think people around here make it difficult for developers? We are nothing next to Cathedral Heights. The Giant there had to wait 10 years for the groups to finally get together and agreed to replace their decrepit supermarket.  Here are some pics of the silent development in the neighborhood, the old Nehemiah Strip mall between Belmont and Chapin.


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