Weekend – Go Hoyas

Start of the tourney so I hope you will root for the Hoyas and the Big East! Now news:

For the app crazy among you, there is one less app to enjoy. The 5-0 radio app for the iphone, allowed you to listen to police messages in your area. Unfortunately, criminals soon found out about the app and started listening as well. I have to admit I liked listening to police chases when I saw cars speeding through my hood.  Well now we can’t. Chief Lanier is scrambling the police signal so that we cannot listen in. The article above expresses some concerns about scrambling police communications but I think it was the right move. It’s not good if the bad guys know where the police are looking for you.

Yet more reasons to join CaBi! Two Mall stations have been installed and more are promised soon. GGW confirms that bikes are the fastest ways to get around downtown.

Local Business: The Parc Deux at 14th & R promises to be a big development but I have not  seen any designs for it….. There are big issues with chemical cleanup there I hear. Confirming the rumors, Teds Bulletin will be going into the District building at 14th & Swann right across from sister restaurant Matchbox. If you saw yesterday’s post on 12th & S you saw the possible retail location. Today PoP highlights the long awaited building across the street. I have loved this building for years. I am glad to see it restored.

The City Paper is up for sale. Another victim of the web?


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