V Street as Restaurant Row?

Here is a new blog I noticed with a great article on the proposed El Rey on U between 9th & Vermont. That has been planned and looks as though it need some review before approval. That meeting is Tonite.

I addition, V Street seems to be booming with restaurants. American Ice will be open a year this summer, the corner building (2100 Vermont) is up for sale and I have heard many people are interested in it. (Read: Marvin group) Koons Roofing also has a restaurateur looking into building there. But what will all these restaurants do for our parking? And what will it do to our sidewalks? Residents at 8th & T are having the same problem with All Souls restaurant which wants extensive outdoor seating.

Also JBG thought about reviving the hotel idea for 13th & U but as of last USNA meeting they realize they may not go higher than 60′ without strong neighborhood resistance. They are now considering developing a shorter building of rental apartments which I think sounds more reasonable.

The Howard is ready for it’s grand opening on April 9th and to open it looks like those blocks may be welcoming even more people. Douglas has proposed a microbrewery and office space for the former Wonder Bread Factory. Check out the cool designs. I was sorry to see the barber shop close but now it looks like a art gallery may go in there. It’s nice to see that 1832 14th Street has been restored to a retail establishment.

With all this development, it’s important to know how neighborhood can have input into developer plans. Here is a simplified version of the process. Here are some great designed of the upcoming CityMarket at O complex. I forgot that they were reopening 8th Street which will be nice for that area.

It’s no surprise that we have had the warmest winter on record so it’s a good time for Masa 14 to open it’s roof deck.


2 thoughts on “V Street as Restaurant Row?

  1. Without some additional parking, the neighborhood is going to become more congested, and we will soon look like Adams Morgan. At least the large buildings downtown add underground parking. Without options for public underground parking for these new establishments, those who enter the neighborhood for the evening will take up parking for taxpaying residents, and resort to more illegal parking near alleys and corners, etc. We don’t need cars to be ticketed, but flagrant violators need to be towed. Also, businesses who want outdoor eating and drinking need to understand that this is also a residential neighborhood. There needs to be serious compromise about outdoor noise, and hours for outdoor noise. This is not a “one-way street” where businesses get to have free reign of the neighborhood while residents who invested hundreds of thousand of dollars in property have to put up with nuisances. Such nuisances are non-stop since there is no way for a resident to escape without moving. It is time that the rights of the property owners are not trampled on by the businesses. Some of the businesses are not holding up their obligations to clean up litter, cigarette butts, graffiti, etc — and to keep the noise of the their patrons and the music within the confines of the noise ordinance. Public urination on the part of American Ice patrons is also out of control. The alleys are not restrooms.

  2. Any word on when the new place behind 930 Club is going to open? That’s going to cause a traffic mess at 9th/V/Florida once it opens.

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