Catch up

Sorry once again. I was swamped last week and did not have time to write. I now have a tone of things to put here so may not comment much.

Shaw Main Streets is having their Gala on April 18th at the Long View Gallery. Looking like Bistro Bohem is doing quite well. I need to stop but and check it out. Check out the new Duke Ellington statue in front of the Howard theatre which is also using an innovative idea of parking cars: reserve a spot when you book tickets. We’ll see what that means for the Lincoln which may be up for sale.  All Souls at 8th & T is having trouble getting a liquor license. The JBG development south of Florida between 7th & 9th was told to start again with more brick in the facade

Don’t forget to VOTE tomorrow. Do you know where? Borderstan can help. As predicted, the Post office at T & 14 will be moving to the Reeves Center at the end of the month. More on the Blind Dog Cafe at Darnells. More on El Rey on U between 9th & Vermont. Reincarnations at 14th / Rhode Island is closing after many years. CONGRATS to Sollys who is expanding next door into Madjet. Here is an interesting debate, should bars be located next to rehab centers? Louis has started its destruction at 14th & U


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