Population movement

I walk around some of DC neighborhoods in the process of gentrifying and wonder how and why people abandoned the, My old friend used to live in a house in Hartford built by the guy who invented the payphone. It was huge and incredible with a full Tiffany window conservatory. Unfortunately the neighborhood declined and he literally had drug dealers in his front yard. The same goes for DC. Embassies saved some of the big grand houses but there are plenty of other beautiful buildings in neighborhoods abandoned. I wonder what neighborhoods will become the new frontier for ‘pioneers’ looking to gentrify beautiful old homes.

It looks like it will be the exurbs. In recent census data, more people are moving into cities and leaving the suburbs. It will be a long time before they reach the state that many DC properties are in but the trend is away from the commute and grass lawn and more towards walkable neighborhoods.

So future pioneers start checking out the metrostops beyond the beltway for hidden gems but you may be waiting another 50 years for the trend to reverse. I’d rather just buy a condo on U Street…..

Tucker Gallagher, Licensed Realtor, Long & Foster, tuckergallagher@gmail.com, Home: 202-249-2299, Blog: https://ustreetbeat.wordpress.com/


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