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Check out this picture of 10th & Florida at the turn of the last century. For those of you who love architecture, check out the Ruined Capitol. It has great views of Washington in the past. Here is some interesting footage of the 1968 riots in DC. The Howard had its grand opening Monday and it’s first concert last night. It looks like a fantastic time. Looks like a local deli will be expanding into the former LOVE Cafe location since the Louis has them closing for a year. The Caribbean Festival, a fixed for the past few years on Georgia Avenue will not be returning this year due to outstanding debts to DC Cops despite the City giving them $125k. What do you think of this? CAUSE, a gastropub that donates all it profits to charities. I welcome anyone who donates to charities but think this invites abuse. Contrary to what the Washington Post has written, DC is not becoming a 24 hour town. Orange & Black admit that they do not have the financial incentive to stay open that late.

More later, I have a ton to catch up on.


One thought on “Latest & Greatest

  1. As one of the co-founders of Cause, I would be happy to explain to you how Cause will work. As the first of its kind, we expect that this new idea of a PhilanthroPub will be met with excitement, as well as with some skepticism. We welcome both and have dedicated ourselves to operating in an entirely transparent manner that will show our customers exactly where their money is going and the social impact it is creating. Thanks for your interest and we look forward to hosting you in Cause in the near future.


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