Everything you need to know about Living on U

OK WAY behind but I will try and just list everything you need to know when you live on U Street. I love this site but check out teh cool pic of a car crash at 14th & T streets.

You may have missed it but Mayor Grey wants to extend bar hours in DC 3 an during the week and 4 am on Saturday. Needless to say there is lots of opposition. I guess a plane load of passengers is actually heavier that a Shuttle when piled onto a 747. Has anyone been to the Lincoln Summer home at the Old Soldiers Home? It’s supposed to be cool and  there were several assassination attempts plotted for his trips back and forth. Only 4 spots made the cut as marijuana medical dispensaries in the district but more may be coming. U Street and Shaw did not make the cut closest is K Street. Lots of debate about raising the height limit in DC. I think there are enough people who bought a view who don’t want to see it destroyed by skyscrapers. Does it seem like the  Mayor is doing anything to make up the budget shortfall?

Unfortunately Cab Fares will be going up and as usual the extra fees that the price increase was supposed to eliminate will still be allowed. Supposedly DC has more cabs than any other metro area in the country, why can’t we at least have nice ones…. If you have seen this guy, call the FBI. He is on the FBI top 10 most wanted for child pornography. May he rot in hell. Good news for library users, the daily fine is gone, instead the library is going to a flat fee rate. Have you seen the new car2gos around the city? I have not tried it yet but I see them around a lot.

Unfortunately it seems we have lost Italiano Cafe place at 11th & V. Check out this Ode to Shaw from an ex resident. More later


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