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I really have to take Virginia to task. NoVa is one of the fastest growing areas in the country if not the world. I have seen it evolve from cornfields to high tech in 20 years. Farms are not huge subdivisions. But the county and state refuse to invest in infrastructure. Not only are the roads insufficient but now they are refusing public transit. By refusing to finance the Silver Line, they show just how nearsighted Virginia Government is. A good government needs to plan 100 years into the future. Sure, a roadway may not have that much traffic on it today but in 20 years it will be an essential artery. I am really disappointed in them. Maybe it’s time DC took some of the original land we were granted BACK. Maybe we could use them for a new renovated National Mall. Check out some of the new designs.

DC Govt: Get the new 311 app. Since the Mayor’s hotline has been ineffective, the Mayor has created this app so you can propose problems in your hood. It looks like DC is going to close more schools. I am torn, I think its bad that DSPS is losing schools and worried about what will replace them but happy that the charter school experiments around the city seem to be succeeding.

Biz News: Welcome to Lovely Yogurt on U Street between 10/11th! I stopped by last night and it was delicious. And Pizzarro at 4th / Florida. Is a new Peruvian place going into 7th / Florida behind the old Tropicana space? Tropicana is rumored to be taken over by the former owners of Cafe Nema. I thought this was a Hilton Bros enterprise. It is a great building and any noise would have a limited effect on the neighbors. Darnel’s & Blind Dog Cafe will be hosting a pop up ramen noodle shop on April 29th. Fit to be Tan is coming to 16th & U. Here is an interesting idea: an Urban Outfitters at the union all on 14th between R&S. Congrats to Ginger Root for their expansion plans. Good luck to the builders at the AM/PM market on V & 14th. We are getting a great Italian place in the new YMCA building on V btw 14/13. We can’t wait for the expansion of Sollys at U /12th though we are sad to see MadJet go.

Goodbye for now: The JBG construction of the Louis means that we lose 3 great restaurants: DC Noodle, iCoppi, Stem, and Utopia on U between 14/15

JBG continues it’s mission creep into U Street. They have a new proposal for rental units where the Rite Aid is currently. I think they deserve the right to build there but 90′ is a bit high. It’s better than the 129′ they proposed for the hotel. This is in addition to the proposal for the Metro lots at Florida between 7th & 9th which is still in negotiation with HPRB. Progression Place seems to coming right along but it does have a disturbing Star Wars reference.

I mentioned yesterday that 4 marijuana dispensaries were announced but what I missed was that a permit was denied for one in Shaw, but that could still happen. Also in Shaw, the Shaw Tavern finally earned its liquor license! I look forward to trying it with a glass of wine!

Gripes: How are the bike lanes doing in DC? Closing the sidewalk between T & U on 14th. Wow here is a good example of what the riots did in the neighborhood. Look at 7th & Florida in 1968 and in 2008

Real Estate Note: The Hechts warehouse, visible on New York Avenue, is a possible future location for lofts. It could have great views but what will happen to the warehouses around there? Also do residents have the right to dictate what happens to buildings? Like the lot next to XM on Florida


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