We have arrived….

Today the New York Times ran an article about how 14th Street has arrived as an area for shopping, restaurants and living. I think everyone in the neighborhood should take a bow. I’ve been telling people about U Street (People still can’t quite understand the name.) since I moved here and now people finally seem to be taking note!

If you are around this weekend go to the 10th Street park Fair in Shaw. Check out this update on the medical marijuana dispensary for North Capitol. Now that Capitol Bikeshare is expanding into VA (Ballston!) and hopefuly MD soon, what is the next step? We better think about next steps since DC is the 9th worse place to own a car. Not to drink and drive but the City Council struck down proposals to extend closing times and Sunday liquor sales but they are increasing the taxes on booze. Also there will be a new BBQ place next to the CityMarket at O.

Two notes about Shaw to our East, 1. the lot that had protesters a few years ago at 7th & Rhode Island has some new plans. 2. They are thinking of becoming a historic district so that they will have more influence over buildings going up which will be good. It is too late for the colors on this ugly building on Rhode Island. Also south on 11th they are finally leveling the building south of K which has served as a billboard. To our North, Giant is getting kudos but I have already moved onto the Safeway at 5th & K.

Surprising fact, Ward 2 had 40% of all bars in DC while Ward 1 has only 16%. But my home district, ANC 1B02, has almost 6% of all licenses in the city.

The Post Office on Wallach is gone but we will soon have one in the Reeves Center whichis a better place for it I think. The Yums next door will be moving up Georgia Avenue.    Beware of the thief working U Street but thank a police officer for their work catching a bad guy at 9th & U.

Thanks to everyone who helped landscape the Vermont Avenue Median on Saturday. It looks great! Sherman Avenue grows closer to completion thankfully but what will happen when they start digging up 14th & U? Looking for more beauty in the city? Check out these 6 gardens in DC proper.

Businesses: A nice article on the owners of Back and Orange who have had more problems than most new business owners. PIG is getting set to open on 14th. Here is the menu. Welcome to the new Mediterranean restaurant at 15th & U Street. The Gas station at 14th / W is changing franchises but will keep Fast Gourmet. People are still wondering about the games bar coming at 12th & U (think Dave & Busters but more Xbox and less pinball). Despit a tease for an art gallery (kind of a small one tho) the storefront on U will remain a Barber shop. There is another new bar going in on Florida across from the 930 Club.  And the new Hilton Brothers restaurant Satellite, just north of 930, is well underway. The outdoor garden looks like a nice spot. Local favorite Chix will be opening another branch downtown on 14th Street. Looks like JBG reached a deal with DC Noodles and iCoppi’s to stay open for the next year. Right around the corner, we will have another taqueria in the old Post Office building on T at 14th which is now an empty lot.