I’m back…..

Sorry I have been maxed out lately so I have had to cut back on various activities. I am pleased to announce that I have joined Stages Premiere Realty on 14th Street. Unfortunately as I join Stages, I have had to step down at the U Street Neighborhood Association. I look forward to my new career and continuing to service the neighborhood in a new way. I am WAY behind in news about the hood so please forgive me if you have already heard some of this but I have 900 articles to catch up on.

That said, I have to congratulate JBG on snagging Trader Joe’s for their new building Louis at 14th & U Streets. It is a coup for them and will be a great addition to the neighborhood. Unfortunately Coppi’s is closing for a year on Saturday for the building of the Louis.

Congrats or rather good luck to All Souls which received ABRA Ok for a licquor license at 8th & T Streets.

On 14th, that ugly warehouse at 14th / S is due for a facelift. The new gallery / bar Veracruz opened above Duffys. Looks like the found a tenant for the Wonderbread factory when renovations are complete.

Public Development News: The new ANC boundaries have been announced for ANC 1B. Maya Angelou Charter school is being converted to a hospitality school so hopefully local restaurants will be able to draw some of the talent to their businesses.

Bye for now…..


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