This week in growth

Welcome to Justice Sotomayor our newest U Street Resident. Another sign you’ve arrived when Supreme Court Justices move in!

On U Street, The Louis has announced a restaurant tenant when it opens. Tico will be serving American food with a latin twist. Finally the Japanese restaurant proposed for V & 12th Street is going ahead. There is ANOTHER gym going in, this time above Lee’s Flowers at 11th & U. It joins the many yoga studios and the new cycling studio going in at 9th & U and BodySmith’s expansion over Miss Pixies on 14th.

For those who remember the fire, Banana Leaves has re-opened on Florida by Connecticut. And remember Vegetate on 9th? It’s now a new bar with food service but that’s a touchy area. There is also a new tavern going into seasonal pantry down the block so maybe this neighborhood is turning a corner. The new building at 9th & P has announced a new restaurant tenant as well. The whole area will be booming when Citymarket at O opens and the new Marriott across from the convention center.

After many promised starts, Kelsy Gardens at 7th & P was torn down in anticipation of a new apartment block. Progression Place continues its movement to completion. The office part looks almost finished as the apartments are going up around it. Also near 7th, Bistro Bohem is rumored to be expanding next door which is great for a new business.

MORE CONDOS? In what seems like the last available lot of 14th Street, Condos are expected in the parking lot across from Fast Gourmet. They are saying they want a fast causal restaurant as a tenant but I am not sure how you request that as a landlord. You take who can pay the rent. The former lock up playground on S between 9/10 which sold last fall has started construction

In zoning rules, DC is looking to expand it’s rooftop use rules allowing for more rooftop gardens, pools and restaurants.

In nearby development, The McMillan lot by Washington Hospital Center, there are plans for a park and townhomes but it’s catching heat fro not enough green space. We don’t need it up there but the District in general needs to keep as much as possible. Looks like the final plan for Walter Reed is taking shape.


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