Long time no talk?

I feel as though I am always saying this but I have had some changes in my life over the past few months and needed a break.

Firstly, I have resigned from the U Street Association and decided not to run for the ANC seat. With the current corruption on the city council and what I have seen on a local scale I have become jaded. I feel I need to work with the dramatic development around my current home without being hindered by impartiality.

Secondly, I will stay involved with local development. JBG has big plans for the area between Barry to T, and 9th to 7th Streets. Given the recent flooding, it is obvious that this neighbor has outgrown its infrastructure. If development is to continue in housing and commercial endeavors, we need to make sure we can meet their needs.

Thirdly some life changes. In July I took a package to leave AARP. I left 5 years to the day after I started and feel pretty good about the move. I am still looking but have had some great response and hope to find something new soon. A new job will mean more work and a longer commute which will hinder my volunteering.

Now some comments on what is going on in hood.

Flooding. It is appalling what has been happening on Florida between U and Barry. The fact that the city cannot control high water is inexcusable. I understand that it came down extremely fast but the fact that we reach the 100 year flood plane twice in 2 months does not instill confidence.

Harris Teeter: My neighbors are very excited about JBG’s announcement that they will put a Harris Teeter in their 5th property on Florida north of W. While I share their excitement I say be warned. The deal was a letter of intent from Harris Teeter not a confirmed lease agreement AND is contingent on 3 things. 1. That the city sell JBG the property to the north of their Atlantic Plumbing location to build a bigger building. No land no grocery. Second that the proposed W Street is continued to Georgia Avenue which requires the permission of Howard giving up part of their parking lots. Third, the Atlantic Plumbing property they are proposing will be the last of 5 they build in the area (8th SE of Florida, 8th SW of Florida, already proposed and in revision with the city; 8th NW of V and 8th SW of V Streets) They will require that all four previous buildings be approved and started before that start on the Florida/W lot. That is a lot of leverage over our heads when they propose the new architecture and their is no Arts Overlay to allow us to protest. I believe JBG has the best interest of the neighborhood at heart given their large investment here. BUT that does not mean they will not use the leverage to acquire and build things that are not good for the neighborhood.