OK I brought my dog Dunc to the Vet yesterday. I have been negligent lately because Dunc is a healthy dog and doesn’t have any health issues.

I took Dunc to Banfield in Alexandria which is tied to to the PetSmart store out there. I had taken my last dog to City Paws on 14th but switched because the Vets at City insisted on conducting every test on the planet every visit we came in. I could not get out of City without at LEAST a $300 bill. Now Banfield is getting in on the act. Through their computer prompts their nurses and vets now have to ask you about every possible test under the sun. When I ask if they are necessary, they say “not really but better safe than sorry.” I love my dog but I really think the Veterinary culture has become extreme. Vets are trying to make money any way possible so they have adopted any test, cure, or preventative measure from human medicine that they can apply to humans. While Insurance companies and HMOs are limiting the number of tests we can conduct on humans, Vets have free range. Knowing how much we love our pets, especially those of us without children, they exploit us for every possible expense. I don’t want to be harsh but do they really need to bilk us? I know one young couple who spent $3000 on their French Bulldog which they cannot afford but they spent anyway.

We love our pets and should do what we can to save them but just as with human health care, how much is too much?


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