Odds & Ends

JBG has finally received (an) approval to develop the parcel at 13th & U Street. This has gone through countless iterations and will under more but it seems to have some momentum. Progression Place is ready to deliver the office portion of the building as the apartments are completed

For those of your stressed out by the situation, Vida is opening an Aura Spa at their 16th & U location.  It’ll be nice to have a spa just steps away. And if you need some green in  your apartment to calm you, Old City Green has left 9th Street and moving to Rhode Island by 11th.

We have already seen it in DC but according to the Wall Street Journal, things are looking up nationwide. And as example, two new buildings are opening up for leasing. I am surprised they are not selling: The District building or 14th & W. None of this compares to the house which received 168 bids recently. What do you expect if you list at $337k in a $500k neighborhood. I think the agent underpriced it but the homeowner final took home $760k. Over 200% of asking and 50% over the rest of the neighborhood. Guess everyone wins but the buyer……

Interesting note: Avis has bought ZipCar. Will it mean the gradual decline of the service? Along with that, there is a new insurance company that insures by the mile. It seems interesting and a competitor to Zip Car and Cars to Go

DC is getting richer, but there is a noticeable divide along 16th Street and in NW vs SE. 9th Street around the Convention Center is also doing quite well:

Here I thought was an interesting story. CityMarket at 0 published a story on their website about the second class they sponsored for DC residents on degrees in Hospitality management. While working in a hospitality function is not big money, it keeps conventions coming and thus spending money in the District.


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