Today’s notes on U Street

Here is a new honor for U Street. It has been named one of the best Artplaces in the country. I am not sure exactly what and Artplace is but if it encourages Artists in the neighborhood I am for it. Eventually I hope it means I will no longer have to explain to people that U Street is a neighborhood not just a generically named street to facilitate movement in the city…..

On the topic of outsiders coming to town, the Inauguration Security plan has been announced. Last time I escaped to upper Northwest. This time I will probably stay put and watch from my windows overlooking the city while the TV gives me the live feed. Shoudl be as good as the fireworks on the 4th of July.

Here is an interesting debate: DC Charter Schools have expelled children at a higher rate that public schools. I would take this as a given. I consider Charter Schools a more exclusive opportunity for students to learn. My guess is that the city views the education of children as mandatory and by kicking kids out they are punishing the Public Schools. But I look at the facilities and infrastructure that Public Schools inherit versus the difficulties Charter Schools have in obtaining the same facility, I think Public Schools should have to take students.

I know everyone has heard that there are so few houses for sale, the market is having a tough time. Here is yet another way to find out about properties for sale. (or call me!)

I had forgotten about it but we have another City Council election coming up in April. Since Phil Mendelson was elected as Council Chair, his At Large seat is open. Let’s Choose DC is asking the 16 announced candidates their opinions on various issues and asking you to rate them.

To prove yet again that DC is filled with wonks, someone has created an interactive map where you can see what the flow between stations is. I admire these guys but they need a life……


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