Coming Soon to U Street – Fresh Pop Tarts!

Borderstan reports that Teds Bulletin will soon be opening on 14th & Swann Streets. If you’ve never been to the one on Barracks Row it is a treat. Not exactly slimming for your New Years Resolution but worth a decadent brunch. Let’s hope they have bottomless brunch drinks.

The new Top Chef restaurant on 14th & W has applied for its liquor license. It will be Greek-American with seating for 200 inside and 32 on the side walk.

I know I’ve been criticizing schools recently but here is an interesting new app for those of you who are looking for a Charter School. An iphone app that helps you look for one. I am not sure what long term potential this has but for those dozen parents addicted to their phones it will be fantastic.

For those of you who have never been to an Inaugural Ball or are dying to see Barak and Michelle waltz into a second term, You may disappointed to learn that the Balls sold out before they even went on sale it seems. Ticketmaster screwed up yet again.

Whitman Walker is expanding! I didn’t know but they have had some extraordinary growth just since 2009 and are now leasing the new building going up at 14th / Church. I am glad they finally got things running smoothly.


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