First Snow!

looks like tomorrow will bring us our first snowstorm of the season. Of course I am not holding my breath because knowing DC it will just turn to rain.

Some other interesting notes on the Greater U Street area: Justice Sonia Sotomayor explains her reasoning why she moved to the U Street area. It seems we remind her of that other hip hangout the East Village of New York. High praise in my book. While she chose my beloved East U, Redfin has proclaimed Petworth as the hottest city neighborhood.

Along those lines of a city transformed, Tommy Wells, Councilman for Ward 6, is announcing a run for Mayor. If elected, he would be the first white mayor since home rule in the 1970s.

For Uber fans, more good news, they are launching a Taxi service. It seems like it is the same as a taxi just with more fees and billed to your credit card but if it means that you can find one on your smartphone, that works for me.


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