Greek on W

We are learning more about the new Greek restaurant by Mike Isabella on W at 14th. It will be 2 restaurants, Kapnos northern Greek cuisine and G Sandwich shop. I was just up there this weekend and wondered why there are not more restaurants on that segment of 14th going north. Kapnos is a good start but we should have more up there in the existing apartment buildings Solara and View 14.

ABRA is taking a stab at license reform and has limited the influence of the Gangs of 5 that can protest a bar or restaurant. From Borderstan:

  • The proximity requirement for “Gang of 5” members was eliminated. Any “Gang of 5” license protests are automatically dismissed if the applicant reaches an agreement with the applicable ANC. However, the provision for the “Gang of 5″ members protesting a liquor license application or renewal live within a 400-foot radius around an establishment was taken out of the bill. (See DC Liquor Board Reaffirms Hank’s Oyster Bar Decision and Poll: Most Readers Say 5 People Not Enough to Protest Liquor Licenses).
  • In addition, “Voluntary Agreements” were replaced with the new title of “Settlement Agreements.” They are neither a requirement of licensing or an instrument by which to force concessions from licensees as part of that process. Instead, the Settle Agreements are an optional opportunity for parties to resolve a license protest.

As someone who is a frequent bar goer and has also protested bars in the area I hope this means we can still protest bar/restaurants when they violate their Settlement Agreements.


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