No bids for a prime property in Georgetown?

For those who have driven / biked / run through Rock Creek park, you can hardly miss the large concrete building at the head of the C&O Canal on the way into Georgetown. The building is a power plant the GAO has owned as a backup generator for their office buildings downtown. So the building has lain fallow for several decades as power upplies to the capitol has improved and more sophisticated ways of generating power evolved.

Now the GAO has decided to repurpose the building and is offering it for sale. The prime spot is a big draw to developer and expected to draw a big price. Except it isn’t.

Evidently there are currently no bids for the building. Not because it is not attractive as profitable but because getting the permits to repurpose the building will be near impossible. City organizations and community groups have made it clear that the building may not be taken down. The not attractive structure must be maintained and no new windows can be cut out of the existing structure.

I would love it if the building could be taken down but failing that, can we allow developers enough to make it into a great building. If you have $500 and want a fixer upper check out the online bidding with the GAO.


One thought on “No bids for a prime property in Georgetown?

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