DC in Surplus but guess how – ugh!

Mayor Gray announced that DC will have a $400 million dollar surplus for 2012. Unfortunately most of the additional money comes from the $85 million in traffic tickets the new speed cameras have generated……

A bill for DC statehood has been introduced in the Senate sponsored by 4 Democratic Senators although it is mostly symbolic. How many states does DC have to outnumber in order to receive representation? We already outnumber 2, Wyoming & Vermont and if the population continues to pre 1960 status (800k) we could outnumber 2 more (Alaska, North Dakota). Taxation without Representation continues…

Under “I’m not sure why?” the Nationals have announced a 5th racing President. William Howard Taft, in a slimmed down version will join the four traditional racers. He is not exactly one of the leading presidents in history so i am not sure why he was chosen over someone else……

It seems Obama’s new Chief of Staff, Denis McDonough, will not be biking to work as he used to. In his former role he woudl bike down from his house in MD to get exercise but despite local groups protestations that biking his good for his stress relief and the fitness of his security crew, it looks like he will be clogging up the roads with teh rest of us.


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