Drawing down Section 8 Housing in Shaw?

So according to EastShawDC, the Lincoln Westmoreland II complex on 8th Street between R & S Streets has announced that they will no longer be Section 8 housing. What does this mean?

Section 8 is a government program that subsidizes housing for those making less than 50% of the median income for an area. i.e. low income housing The complex offering 1, 2, & 3 bedroom apartments has been a good option for young families wanting to stay in the neighborhood but can’t afford a townhouse. As rental units, the owner leases and maintains the units and receives a payment coupon from the resident along with their rent which the owner redeems from the DC government.

  1. Current residents will stay as long as they want (and continue to pay their rent).
  2. As new units become available, they can be rented out at market rates.
  3. The owner has the option to redevelop the buildings if and when proper payment and consideration is given to current residents.

Lincoln Westmoreland developments One and Two (owned by 2 different companies) have been at the center of many of the crimes in the area. Conversion of the properties to market rate will increase the likelihood that the owners will invest more in the complex and hopefully clean up some of the more troublesome elements.

As EastShawDC points out, this was already occurred down at the Washington on 7th Street which has resulted in its renovation. If the trend continues, we may lose some of our low income residents but those that remain will have nicer places to live.






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