Have you seen City Center

So Tuesday I was lucky enough to take a virtual tour of City Center, the gigantic development in downtown DC. Supposedly it is the second largest urban development in the US after the World Trade Center site.

There are 6 current buildings, 2 office buildings, 2 rental buildings and 2 condos. We were touring the condo building which is is very premium. The next 2 phases include a 5 star hotel and another office building at the 9th / NY Ave corner.  The good news is that I street will be restored and extended from 9th street to the corner of 11th Street. The final block between 11th and 12th south of New York will be a park which shoudl maintain some of the light.

The building we saw was the Condo development, 2 buildings with different condo boards but common facilities. That could be a sticky issue or a great boon depending on who gets elected.

If you are a very neat person and have the money to spend. These are for you. One person said it’s like living in a hotel which it does seem like. Everything has premium fixtures. The closets and kitchen cabinets are custom built in Italy. If you want to live an urban sophisticate lifestyle, this is for you.


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