New in Petworth

As I’ve noted before, Petworth and Brookland seems to be the hot new hood. Check out the renovation of Mothership on Georgia Ave in Petworth.

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New Supermarket on W and other happenings in the U Street hood

The new W14 building housing the YMCA is fast going up. It looks like things are going well and it should open by the end of the year. More good news, it will house a natural market. Developers are hinting that they have an organic grocer lined up. Right nearby they have put up the sign for the new Piola Pizzeria.

Working our way south on 14th the former art gallery across from Bar Pilar (Wasn’t that a deal as part of Pilar’s expansion?) may be turning into a bar / market for dinner. I guess the idea is to come in for a drink while your food is prepared????

Also on 14th, Le Diplomate will open at the end of March from Philly restauranteur Stephen Starr. He is well known up there for great dining spaces and all the work he has been putting into Le Diplomate will hopefully pay off.

The great Northeast!

Two updates on DC’s Northeast quadrant.

1. Ben’s Chili Bowl has settled on their new location on H Street NE but it will be the end of the year before they open.

2. Fraziers Funeral home at 4th & Rhode Islandis coming along as well.

3. 901 Monroe continues towards demolition

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Lima Condos at 11th and V Street!

The developers seem to be taking their time in figuring out what the final look will be but we finally have a look at the design for the new condos at 11th & V Street. The design seems similar to the neighborhood design (which I admit is eclectic). The best news for current residents is that units are going from between $400k to over a million which shoudl boost values in the rest of the hood.

Is that bartender a lame pourer? DC’s news

Is that Bartender not pouring a decent cocktail? Are the pint glasses actual pints? In a new DC twist, The DC office of weights and measures hit H Street and verifyied that bartenders were pouring the right amount of booze. I personally have never heard of of this but you learn something every day. Comedy Clubs are listed.

Check out the demolition of the old Ontario Theater in Adams Morgan

Love the heady days of Marion Barry’s 1980s? You can buy the Mansion of the former mayor. Mansion is a generous term but it is 3000 sft finished space. Evidently Marion is upset about the property’s appreciation. He bought it in 1979 for $125k and the neighborhood average now is $401k which is pricing many of Barry’s constituents out of the neighborhood and out of the city.

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More DC Stats

Ever feel like DC is just a gay mecca? Well I guess you could say it is. 10% of the city’s population identifies itself as GLBT. That is double Hawaii’s, the next highest, and triple Maryland (3.3%) and Virginia (2.9%).

Meanwhile poverty rates are highest among Black and Hispanic families. While Black families came in at the national average in DC (26%). Hispanic families were below the national average at 14% instead of the national 23% but both groups still made up a larger percentage of those in poverty than they should…..

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DC Issues

DC had a budget surplus! As I’ve mentioned it’s mostly from scapling residents with more parking / car fines but a coalition of local websites is polling the candidates for the DC Council At Large Seat on what they would do. Most interestingly, most people think we should save it for a rainy day fund.

Also DC news, we have the highest rate of student loan debt. DC residents with student loan debt have on average $47k compared to #2 Maryland at $33k and the national average of $29k.

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