DC is one of the top 10 in Urban Trees

Ok a few years ago a family friend accosted me at a party when I said I lived in DC. She was so proud of the a $10 million grant that the National Garden Club had given to DC to plant trees. I admit that DC has a beautiful Tree cover but I had no idea that were were top 10. I guess we can thank L’Enfant for the big boulevards.

Some real estate advice, if you have not already, you definitely need to refinance your home. Rates are starting to go up again so now is the time or you’ll be kicking yourself. In order to do that, your home needs to be appraised at more that what you paid for it. Here is some advice from Reuters on how to improve your appraisal value.

The Bakery at T and 14th seems to be coming along nicely. I am excited to have a fresh bakery in the hood but I am not sure how well they will do bagels. I’ll be happy with fresh bagettes.



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