The blessings of Traffic

Another proud landmark for DC as we grow as a city: We have the worst traffic in the nation. 67 hours a year are lost to being stuck in traffic and an average trip is 32% longer when in traffic versus times without traffic. The best part? There is no relief in sight. As I have mentioned many times, there is a gross lack of planning especially in the suburbs for the growth in this region. I wish they would stop complaining about the price of infrastructure and be more worried by the lack of it.

Another proud fact, DC wrote 1.8 million tickets last year which is up 200k from the year before. The difference being 90k new red light tickets and an increase to 400k of speeding tickets. I admit I was busted about 4 times last year despite even knowing they are there. UGH.

To avoid traffic, you can download the new iPhone app BusTrackDC which will take the place of the old NextBus app that died last year. Cars2Go which I admit I was not sure if it would survive a few years ago, seems to be doing quite well. They are approaching 10,000 members in DC.

More good news? The light rail along H Street NE will be open this year (if only just barely.) Which is good because it seems as though Metro is getting too crowded


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