New DC Cabs to be the color….. RED

If you had been tot he Verizon center in  the past few months, you saw 2 models of potential colors for DC cabs on display. They usually combined a yellow, green or purple mix of colors. According to the results of the survey by the Taxi & Limousine Commission, each design received more negatives than positives. Instead they have opted to go with RED, which they feel is representative of DC and it’s transit infrastructure, red line metro, Capitol Bikeshare, and circulator and our teams: the Nats, Capitols, and REDskins.

Speaking of red, check out the hot rental market in DC. The red shows the neighborhoods most in demand which you can see are mostly along Metro lines. I think that is a trend that will continue.

In honor of that red holiday, Valentine’s Day, here are the best bars to bring a date in DC. And recently there was an article about how single women in DC prefer Cathedral Heights while single men prefer Chinatown and Rosslyn – Proximity to bars perhaps?


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